This is the first time my son who is now 6 has actually let a dentist mess with his mouth. Dr. Lee and her staff are so fun and caring that he let them give sealants and a small filling. They had him laughing and excited to go to the dentist. My girls also said this is their favorite dentist. Thank you for having us into your family.

Aprilanne Collado

My daughter loved dr Lee and her staff! They are so understanding that my daughter had a bad service at a dentist office before she loved it! The service was fast and simple they answered any questions I had! I definitely will keep my daughter and my son here! (He is due in august and I couldn't imagine taking my kids anywhere else) my boyfriend and my self are going to be going here

Jennifer Reymundo

Dr Lee is amazing with both of my children. My son is autistic and 19 and she's doing everything she can to save his teeth after years of neglect living with his father. My youngest doesn't have as drastic of problems but still needs work. She and her staff are patient, straight forward and quick acting. Thank you guys for all your help and patience!

Trina James

Well I have to leave Dr Q.T. (cutie,haha) a review here... I left one on a Killeen doc's page for her when she filled in at Doc drinkwater's place. All I can say is she is non stop chat and outs a patient at ease. GREAT...best doc ever!

Pete Kutheis

Dr. Lee and all of her staff are outstanding. I am so thankful to have found you. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease, and for a completely pain-free experience!

Karen Booth

Dr. Lee and her entire staff are outstanding! They absolutely provide first class comprehensive dental care. I highly recommend them! And I am very thankful to them for taking such good care of me and my family.

Daniel R. McBurney

QTL Dental has the best crew In Temple. I love them my kids loved them and their services. I’m proud to say that Dr. Lee and the crew are our permanent dentist!! Thank you guys sooo much are teeth feel and look sooooo much better

Valerie Anzaldua

QTL Dental puts the A in AWESOME! This dental office definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. They are very professional and great at what they do. My faith in Dentists has officially been restored!

Greg Hudson

I have a a very great experience. They are very kind and caring. They are wonderful

Margie Kamas

Dr. Lee is outgoing, she cares about her patients, she wonderful with kids, and my niece just loves her. Dr. Lee and her staff helps with any questions or conerns you might have. We could not ask for a better dentist!

Beverly N Jimmie Hopkins

I am elated to have found such a wonderful, caring, thorough dentist, so close to home (and in a small town none the less!!). I feel like I've struck gold!! Dr. Lee is charismatic, helpful, and Super informative!!! I have found My dentist, without a doubt, best find in Temple - Bar None!!! Not only was Dr. Lee amazing, her staff is Superb, extremely helpful and Great multitaskers!!! Thank you QTL!!

Annette Reyna